Research and Development

The development of turbochargers is closely linked with the ever-evolving engine performance requirements, as well as the continuous endeavour of the automobile industry to achieve higher fuel efficiency and to meet stringent emission norms. Our engineering expertise in IC engines, thermodynamics, materials, rotor dynamics, simulation and structural acoustics helps in effective integration of a turbocharging system into an engine management system.

R&D Centre Facilities

TEL R&D centre established in 1985 is recognized by the Government of India.
TEL has created advanced CAD, simulation, gas stand and engine test facilities. With these sophisticated facilities and expertise, we can quickly respond with the exact solutions that a customer needs.


  • CFD simulation
  • 3D Blade design and Flow Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Transient oil flow simulation
  • TC thermodynamics optimization using GT Power – Engine Simulation Software


TEL has in-house test facilities to test and evaluate turbochargers before releasing them for series production.


  • Natural Frequency Measurement
  • Experimental Modal Analysis
  • System Level Acoustic Mapping
  • Gas Stand Noise Mapping