R & D Centre

  • R&D center was established for Design and development of Turbochargers to meet present and future needs of Engine manufacturers.
  • Recognised by Dept of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR),Govt of India, in the year 1985.
  • Towards this objective, TEL has created advanced CAD, Gas Stand and engine test facilities.
  • Certain component test facilities for development of control systems (actuator) and environmental testing are also available.
  • Simulation facility for Turbocharger design and development.
  • Matched and developed more than 150 Part Nos Turbochargers for leading Indian engine manufacturers, for automotive, offhighway, agricultural and industrial applications
  • It has a manpower strength of 140 led by highly experienced Team leaders

Design and Development

CAD Facilities

  • The CAD center is equipped with modeling software such as Pro E, UG and AutoCAD
  • Development of 2D and 3D models of Turbocharger assemblies and parts such as Asymmetric Turbine housing, Turbine Housing with Integral manifold and Water cooled
    Bearing housing.
  • Newly developed Products such as Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) and 2 Stage Turbocharging systems

Simulation Facilities

  • Following software facilities are used for Design and Simulation activities:
      • Concepts NREC Agile software
      • CFD CFX and Fluent including Meshing
      • ANSYS Mechanical, for Static and Dynamic analysis
      • ABAQUS, for Nonlinear analysis
      • Hypermesh for meshing

  • Aerodynamic Design of Compressor and Turbine wheels
      • Stress and Vibration analysis compressor and
    turbine wheels.

Gas Stand Test Facilities

  • Two gas stands for evaluation of complete performance of Turbocharger.
  • Automatic data acquisition and generation of Compressor and Turbine maps
  • Gas Temperature upto 800 Deg C.

Thermal shock Test Facility

  • One Gas Stand for Thermal Shock Testing of Turbocharger and Turbine housing.
  • Can handle upto four small Turbochargers concurrently.
  • Gas Temperature upto 800 Deg C. Turbine Pressure Ratio upto 4
  • Turbine Flow rate upto 0.20 Kg/s

Engine Test Facilities (Engine Dynamometers)

  • One Eddy Current Dynamometer to tests engines upto 350 kW is operational This has a compatible Eddy Current Dynamometer
  • Two more Engine Dynamometers, one for testing engines upto 230 kW and another for engines upto 88 kW, are under commissioning

NVH and Component Test facilities

  • Test facility to test the Turbocharger components for evaluating the NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness).
    ---Modal analysis kit and FFT analysers
  • Endurance testing of Actuators for turbochargers.
  • Data acquisition system for data acquisition and analysis of Test data such as Pressure, Temperature and Speed of the Turbocharger
  • Laser based system for measurement of Temperatures up to 1000 deg C
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