TURBO ENERGY Private Limited
Vellore Dist,
Tamil Nadu.

Manufacturing Activities:

TEL has manufacturing activities in 3 locations. The first manufacturing plant of TEL is located at Pulivalam village in Vellore District, Tamilnadu.It has a facility to manufacture a wide range of Turbochargers and its parts for engine applications in passenger cars, commercial vehicle, off-highway vehicles and industrial engines. TEL has a capacity to manufacture 2 Million Turbocharger assemblies per annum between three plants. In addition to assembly TEL manufactures 1.5 Million Turbocharger components for exports.

TEL Pulivalam is certified for both ISO-TS16949 and ISO 14001. TEL is practising Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) activities for the past 5 years and got certified for Excellence award during December 2011. Currently TEL is challenging Consistency award in December 2013.

Automatic Machining Line:

In order to have overall control on product quality, with minimum human intervention on critical operations , TEL has installed automated lines for most of the critical Turbo components like Compressor and Turbine Rotors, Housing assemblies etc.

Automatic Part Inspection:

In a Turbo charger, the rotors spin at more than 150,000 rpm and are prone for severe damage, if the casting inherent defects like porosities and oxide layers are not detected and filtered out. The rotor surface and sub-surface are checked with an automated eddy current inspection setup. It filters out the defects like oxide layers, porosity and cracks during the machining stage itself. Zero defect is ensured due to automatic online inspection during machining sequence .

Automatic Friction Welding Line:

The Shaft & Wheel machining line has various operations like Friction welding, Induction Heating and Deflashing.The whole sequence is automated and handled by a Robot. With this the raw casting loaded at input conveyor is processed in three stages and fed to the down stream process.

Machine Status Monitoring Setup:

TEL is practising Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) activities in TEL. We have installed machine monitoring hardware and software in the bottle neck process machines.This is mainly to track the Machine uptime, Machine running status, Original Equipment Efficiency level tracking, Output monitoring, etc. With this the machines can be connected to a common network and can be monitored for its performance .

Products developed for global niche market

TEL manufactures parts for the latest Global turbo charger models. Some of the examples are,

  • Cold / Hot side Housings and Bypass - connecting pipes for two stage turbo chargers.
  • Variable turbine geometry housings introduced in 2004 in for Global market.
  • Hot side housing with Stainless steel material for Gasoline application is currently under development at TEL .
  • TEL is equipped to manufacturing milled aluminium rotors and titanium rotors for low cycle fatigue, higher duty cycle and pulsation compliance applications.

Usually these Global developments on Turbo Chargers come to Indian automotive market in 5 five years time. This Global experience gives TEL a huge advantage in the Indian market.

For the stringent linear and positional GD&T classes on manufacturing process, TEL uses complete machining with single part loading concept with a state of art 5 axis machining.

To utilise the machines effectively and to make the part / process flow optimum, TEL adopts cellular manufacturing concepts with U, C or linear shape layouts according to the part flow requirement. This helps in uniform through put time, shorter flow path and losses/wastage avoidance.

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