TURBO ENERGY Private Limited
Old Mahabalipuram Road,
Paiyanoor - 603104.
Kanchipuram District.
Tamil Nadu.

Manufacturing Activities

TEL has set up a fully automated/semi-automated assembly plant at Paiyanoor .This plant is also certified for both TS 16949 & ISO 14001.


The turbocharger assembly mainly has the following stages:

  1. Core assembly
  2. Balancing
  3. Assembly of Housings
  4. Assembly of Waste Gate Actuator

The individual components are stored in Heavy duty storage Racks & automated Vertical storage systems. These parts are moved to the assembly using dedicated material handling equipment.

Core Assembly

Core assembly can be called as a heart of the Turbocharger; the Core assembly provides supports for the journal bearings and lubricates the rotor parts. TEL has semi-automatic core assembly stations with special controls for error proofing. TEL is also equipped with automatic core assembly line for passenger cars for higher productivity. Controls are established at each stage for ensuring Zero defects.


In addition to individual component balancing, TEL does balancing of core assemblies by semi and fully automatic core balancers. This helps in reducing the vibrations and noise levels at field. The cores can be balanced at a speed of around 200,000 RPM.

Assembly of Housings

The Core Assemblies are mounted and fastened at required orientation on the Compressor housing & turbine housing. These operations are done in individual work stations with error proofing control.  TEL also has a semi-automatic conveyor assembly line for assembling the housings to the core assembly .This has pallet mechanism for feeding the materials and assembly is done on the pallet. The traceability is established by interfacing 2D readers which reads the unique turbocharger serial no. at each station and records the parameters and values at that stage. The tightening process is controlled with a DC tightening tool, the feedback is monitored and the torque values are stored in the data base. The assembly line also has sensors and vision systems to detect the presence of various components.

Waste Gate Actuator setting

The Waste Gate Actuator setting is done to enable the waste gate flap to open at the required operational boost pressure.  TEL uses a custom built Setting Rig made by the inhouse machine building team. Controls like data traceability, characteristic monitoring,error proofing control etc are incorporated in these rigs.

TEL also has the state of art Flow setting rig for Variable geometry Turbochargers assemblies.

Inspection and certification.

Final Inspection of turbochargers is carried out at the End of each line to ensure the compliance of the Turbocharger to the specified requirements. This firewall is introduced to improve the defect detection and control. Final Inspection is done with trained personals and automated vision system.

Prototype Development

TEL has capabilities for making prototype parts through rapid prototype method. Sand printing machine for making mould box and cores from 3D model is available for faster prototype casting development.

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