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Turbocharger Technology

Non Waste gated Turbocharger :

Basic Turbocharger without boost control. Mainly used in Industrial and off-highway engines and in some commercial vehicles.

Waste gated Turbocharger:

Turbocharger with Max. boost pressure control. Currently used in Passenger cars, M U Vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Turbocharger with integrated exhaust manifold:

The Engine exhaust manifold and turbine housing of the turbocharger is made in single piece. This eliminates joints and facilitates ease of assembly onto the engine.

VTG Turbocharger:

Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) Turbocharger provides boost on demand due to its unique control mechanism. Mainly used in new generation Passenger cars and M U Vehicles meeting BS IV and above Emission norms.

R2S Turbocharger:

Regulated two stage Turbocharger (R2S), this system uses one low pressure turbocharger and one high pressure turbocharger i.e. two turbocharger for one engine to obtain high density power. This system offers possibility in downsizing the engine to meet future Emission norms while meeting the customer drivability requirements.

Gasoline Turbocharger:

Gasoline (Petrol) Turbocharger is similar to that of diesel engine turbocharger in its working. However, the materials used are special and will have additional features like water cooled bearing housing and recirculation valve to meet specific gasoline engine operating requirements.

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