Matrix Technical Training Institute

Matrix craftsmen training centre was established in 1989 at Sholinghur, a temple city situated at a distance of 120 kms, from Madras. Matrix is sponsored by Brakes India Private Limited, which is part of the Rs.1000 crore TVS group.

Matrix - The Objectives:

  • To impart excellent technical training and education.
  • To provide opportunities for the trainees to make useful contribution to the Indian industry and in the process, to earn gainful employment for themselves.
  • To become a totally self sustaining institute with the best training and production facilities.
  • To enable the rural youth get the full benefit of the above.

Technical knowhow for Matrix is provided by Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), Bangalore which is an internationally acclaimed technicaf training centre.

Setting the Standards

Admission to Matrix is made purely on the basis of merit. This is achieved with the help of an entrance examination. The selected trainees undergo a rigorous curriculum spread over four semesters spanning thirty months. The trainee's performance is monitored closely and non-achievement of stipulated minimum levels of merit leads to the traineeship being terminated. Strict discipline is enforced to ensure proper organisational behaviour and development of good inter personnel skills by the apprentices.

Groomed for the Industry

The curriculum at Matrix is developed around the principle of "On the job training". The course in tool and die making is significantly practical in content and is production oriented. This results in the Matrix apprentices being geared to be fully operational right from the first day at work. The apprentices receive adequate theoretical inputs too.

Availability of Facilities

With the initial contribution ofland, machines and finance from the sponsor, Matrix is equipped to provide the primary training in tool and die making. Machines like lathes, milling machines, surface grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines, drilling machines and some other special tool room machines are available. The training covers other areas like heat treatment, assembly, engraving, filing and scraping.

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