Vellore Dist,
Tamil Nadu.

Manufacturing Activities:

The manufacturing plant of TEL is located at pulivalam village in Vellore District, Tamilnadu , with a facility to manufacture a wide range of Turbochargers for engine applications in passenger cars, commercial vehicle, off-highway vehicles and industrial engines. TEL has a capacity to manufacture 1 Million Turbocharger assemblies per annum. This is in addition to manufacturing 5 Million Turbocharger components for exports.

Automatic Machining Line:

We have installed an unmanned line for machining Compressor Wheels. It is a fully automatic line with conveyor and gantry loader setup. With this the raw casting is loaded at one end and two machining stages are completed in the linear line.

Automatic Part Inspection:

For Compressor Wheel surface and sub surface defect inspection, an Eddy current setup is installed in Robotic line. This is mainly to filter out defective parts due to oxide layers, porosity and cracks immediately after machining. With this the potential customer complaints on wheel breakage due to oxide layers, porosity, etc are eliminated. Due to automatic line interface and inspection immediately after machining, the operator interaction is totally eliminated.

Automatic Friction Welding Line:

For Turbine Wheel Friction Welding Process a complete automatic line with conveyor and Robot loader setup is installed to handle three work stations viz, Friction welding, Induction Heat treatment and Deflashing. With this the raw casting can be loaded at input conveyor and three stage completed part can be unloaded from out conveyor. Also the hot parts can be handled safely with out manual intervention.

Machine Status Monitoring Setup:

We have started TPM activities in TEL. We had installed TPM TRAK hardware and software in 15 machines.
This is mainly to track the Machine uptime, Machine running status, Original Equipment Efficiency level tracking, Output monitoring, Operating Performance level tracking and also for machine data backup. With this the machines can be connected to a common network and can be monitored from anywhere for its performance.

Products developed for global niche market

Recently we had proven High Pressure and Low Pressure Compressor Housing for R2S (twin stage turbo charger program). In order to maintain the stringent tolerance classes on hole positions, the process is so selected to do all the possible sides at one part loading with state of art 5 axis machining.

Similarly we have developed Connecting Pipe Assembly for R2S (twin stage turbo charger program).

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